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Electric MERCEDES-BENZ Models


From £755.96 Per Month (inc. VAT)

From £547.37 Per Month (exc. VAT)

Launched in 2021, the EQA is Mercedes-Benz’s very first fully electric compact SUV and brings all the comfort and luxury you expect from the brand to life in a size perfect for exploring the city. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for EV leasing options.

WLTP Range* 331 miles
Real World Estimate 281 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 71 kWh



From £597.99 Per Month (exc. VAT)

The Mercedes EQB is one of very few electric family cars that offers seven seats as standard, and one that does so on a relatively compact footprint. Admittedly, the pair of rearmost chairs are only suitable for children, but it gives this compact SUV enormous flexibility while being wrapped in a level of quality, luxury and comfort you’d expect from any vehicle that wears the three-pointed star.

WLTP Range* 253 miles
Real World Estimate 215 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 67 kWh



From £826.51 Per Month (exc. VAT)

The EQC was the first model in Mercedes-Benz’s rapidly-growing EQ electric range. The luxurious, high-tech SUV was introduced in 2019 and remains an upmarket and incredibly quiet way to travel.

WLTP Range* 255 miles
Real World Estimate 217 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 80 kWh


From £1,755.04 Per Month (inc. VAT)

From £733.45 Per Month (exc. VAT)

The Mercedes EQE is a deeply impressive electric saloon that majors on comfort, luxury and technology packaged up in a sleek, coupe-like design. It also boasts one of the longest electric vehicle ranges of any car on the market. It’s a little brother to the ultra-luxurious Mercedes EQS, both in terms of looks and price, and will eat up the miles for any motorway cruise, just like any other Mercedes-Benz combustion-engine executive saloon.

WLTP Range* 397 miles
Real World Estimate 337 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 91 kWh



From £1,247.05 Per Month (exc. VAT)

The EQS may be the most distinctive model in the Mercedes-Benz EQ range, but don’t let that fool you. It’s not just a pretty face. In fact, this 2021 addition to the brand’s fully electric range promises impressive performance, with one of the longest ranges available in EV leasing.

WLTP Range* 488 miles
Real World Estimate 415 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 108 kWh


From £1,182.03 Per Month (inc. VAT)

From £985.02 Per Month (exc. VAT)

Mercedes-Benz boasts a growing range of electric cars for EV leasing under the ‘EQ’ banner, from the EQA small SUV to the EQS luxury range-topper. So where does the EQV fit in? It’s the brand’s fully electric people carrier, showing that it’s possible to combine van-like practicality and limo-like luxury into one car. With flexible seating for seven in comfort, it’s perfect for both large families and high-end business users.

WLTP Range* 213 miles
Real World Estimate 181 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 90 kWh

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Mercedes-Benz Electric Car Leasing FAQs


Why should I lease a Mercedes-Benz car with GRIDSERVE?

Since 2018, Mercedes-Benz has been a market leader in the electric car space, with a range of exceptional electric cars available to lease right now with GRIDSERVE. As a brand, this German manufacturer is well known for their luxury models, which combine great build quality with style, comfort, and brilliant drive capability. Their cars boast countless advanced features and tech, particularly the all-electric EQ range.

When you lease a Mercedes-Benz with GRIDSERVE, you can enjoy three months of free electric car charging to use at any of our charging stations throughout the UK. We’ll send you a contactless card that you simply scan to use, it couldn’t be more simple. There are loads of other benefits to leasing with GRIDSERVE too, such as 100 trees planted for every lease, expert customer care and the option of a Net Zero Lease.

How much is a Mercedes-Benz to lease?

The price of your Mercedes-Benz lease will obviously depend on the model that you choose. It is a luxury brand, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t great deals to be had. Make sure to keep checking back to see how much your desired EV costs to lease and get yourself a great deal.

Is it better to lease or buy an electric Mercedes-Benz?

There are a huge range of benefits to leasing an EV rather than buying outright. Firstly, leasing allows you to change your car more often, driving away a brand-new car every few years. You’ll never need to worry about the depreciation in value of the car either, as once the agreement is up you simply hand the vehicle back and are free to look for a new deal. On the whole, leasing an EV can be cheaper than buying outright too, especially in the short term.

Will my Mercedes-Benz car leasing deal include VAT?

Whether your Mercedes-Benz lease includes VAT or not will depend on if it’s a personal or business agreement. Personal lease deals have VAT included in the price, while business lease deals are excluding VAT.

Can I test drive a Mercedes-Benz before I decide to lease one?

Yes, if you visit a GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourt® you can book an electric car test drive for a Mercedes-Benz. Check out our test drive booking portal to find out which models we currently have on fleet. It’s the ideal way to know whether you’re getting the right electric car for you, so make sure to book in your visit to the UK’s only independent electric car test drive specialist.

What are the most popular Mercedes-Benz models available to lease?

All models of the EQ range are growing in popularity, with the EQA and EQB, in particular, catching the attention of the UK public as they provide trademark Mercedes-Benz comfort and luxury and are big enough for families.