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The GWM ORA Funky Cat is the car you may never have heard of, but it isn’t a name you’re likely to forget in a hurry. The first model from the all-electric Chinese brand was a surprise launch in 2022. The debut is an impressive one, with the retro-styled urban EV combining range, value, technology and cabin comfort – with all that in mind it could be the purr-fect choice for your next lease.

WLTP Range* 193 miles
Real World Estimate 164 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 48 kWh

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GWM Ora Electric Car Leasing FAQs


Why should I lease a GWM ORA electric car with GRIDSERVE?

Although there’s only one GWM ORA car to choose from at the moment, it is an appealing model. Since its release in 2022, the Funky Cat combines retro styling with range, value, technology and comfort. If you’re looking for a compact car that’s ideal for nipping around urban streets but has enough space for four adults, then it is certainly worth a look. 

When you lease a GWM ORA car with GRIDSERVE, you can also benefit from three months of free charging across the GRIDSERVE EV charging network. Once your deal is signed, we’ll send you a contactless card that you can simply swipe for free charging during the first three months of driving. It’s that simple! You can also rest assured that you’re doing your bit for the planet by leasing with sustainable energy experts.

Will my GWM ORA car leasing deal include VAT?

Whether your GWM ORA lease includes VAT or not will depend on if it’s a personal or business agreement. Personal leasing deals have VAT included within the price, while business leasing deals are excluding VAT.

How much does a GWM ORA lease deal cost?

The exact price of your GWM ORA leasing deal will depend on a range of factors. At the moment as there is only one model available in the UK right now, it’ll be the Funky Cat that you’re leasing. However, the model has a few trims to choose from, which will affect the leasing price. Other factors include the length of the leasing contract, the initial rental figure, whether it’s a personal or business lease, the annual mileage limit and whether optional extras like a maintenance package have been added. As part of the application process, our expert team will help you every step of the way, explaining factors that affect your monthly payments.

What are the range figures of GWM ORA’s electric cars?

As the Funky Cat is a car that’s built with urban driving in mind, the range figures may look lower than some other rivals, however, the 193 miles of WLTP range is more than enough for most people’s daily driving, whether it’s nipping to and from work or doing the school run. These figures are noticeably higher than rivals like Smart and MINI, too, which is a plus point for any GWM ORA lease deals.

What charging options are available for GWM Ora electric cars?

When you’re looking to charge your new GWM ORA EV, the easiest way to do so is via one of the hundreds of chargers across the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway. Simply find the closest charging station to your current location and head there for a straightforward charging experience. You can also get a great deal on an Easee One Home Charger thanks to our partnership with Smart Home Charge, allowing you to charge at home when you need to as well.