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The Ford Mustang Mach-E name alone is enough to excite any car fan. The Mustang has long been associated with performance and style and now there’s an all-electric version. It’s also one of the most affordable electric cars that offer over 300 miles range making the crossover SUV a particularly appealing proposition.

WLTP Range* 379 miles
Real World Estimate 322 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 99 kWh

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Ford Electric Car Leasing FAQs


Why should I lease a Ford electric car with GRIDSERVE?

With a rich heritage and a longstanding reputation in the automotive industry, you can rely on Ford models to be of the highest quality. They’ve produced several iconic models that have become ingrained in popular culture that have now been electrified, such as the Ford Mustang Mach-E and Transit, allowing them to make the leap to the forefront of the EV revolution. 

By leasing, you’ll also avoid balloon payments that come with other finance options, such as buying outright. With GRIDSERVE, you can also benefit from three months of free charging across our entire EV charging network in the UK. If you have any specific questions about your Ford lease deal, then our expert sales team can help you out. Visit our support page to get started.

Will my Ford car leasing deal include VAT?

The inclusion of VAT in a Ford car leasing deal will depend on the specific terms of the lease agreement. Lease agreements for personal use vehicles in the UK do include VAT, which means that the monthly payments and any upfront fees or charges would typically include VAT.

However, if you’re leasing for business, then the price will be exclusive of VAT.

What are the range figures of Ford’s electric cars?

If range is your prime concern when looking for a Ford lease deal, then the Mustang Mach-E is likely to be your best option. This has a WLTP range of up to 379 miles depending on version, which is one of the highest in the entire electric car market. This is particularly impressive when you consider that it’s a large car with plenty of performance.

Is Ford a reliable brand?

Yes, Ford is generally considered to be a reliable brand in the automotive industry. Over its long history, Ford has built a reputation for producing vehicles that are known for their durability, performance, and reliability. Ford has implemented rigorous quality control measures and extensive testing procedures to ensure the reliability of their vehicles.

What happens at the end of a Ford lease deal?

At the end of a Ford lease with GRIDSERVE, several options are available to you in the form of:

At the end of the lease term, you can return the Ford vehicle to GRIDSERVE. You will need to schedule a vehicle inspection to assess any excess wear and tear or mileage charges that may apply. Once the inspection is complete, you can hand over the vehicle and conclude the lease.

In some cases, you may have the option to extend your lease agreement. This allows you to continue driving the Ford vehicle for an additional period, typically on a month-to-month basis or for a predetermined extension term. This can be a suitable option if you're not ready to choose a new vehicle or if you need more time to make a decision.

If you're ready for a new Ford vehicle or an option from a different electric car manufacturer, you can explore leasing options for a different model. GRIDSERVE may have various Ford models available for lease, and their leasing team can guide you through the process of selecting a new vehicle and arranging a new lease agreement.

Whichever option you go for, we’ll help you through the process every step of the way.