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Electric CITROEN Models


From £156.76 Per Month (inc. VAT)

From £130.63 Per Month (exc. VAT)

The Citroen AMI is among the smallest and cheapest electric cars money can buy. It’s technically not actually a car, as it’s classified as a large electric quadricycle, meaning 16 year-olds can drive it with the right licence. It’s perfect transport for city dwellers looking for a two-seat urban runabout.

WLTP Range* 47 miles
Real World Estimate 40 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 6 kWh


From £420.84 Per Month (inc. VAT)

From £350.70 Per Month (exc. VAT)

If you're thinking of leasing a Citroen electric car, the e-Berlingo MPV is high on the list for its versatility. Based on the Berlingo van, it offers tonnes of space to carry you, your family and all the related gear plus with 177 miles of range you can get away from the city with ease.

WLTP Range* 177 miles
Real World Estimate 150 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 50 kWh




When it comes to EV leasing, the Citroen e-C4 is an affordable choice that offers comfort and space in spades. Citroen tends to do things a bit differently, so the e-C4’s quirky design and cushioning ride gives it plenty of character. A strong all-round family electric car for those who don’t need a premium badge, the e-C4 also has a decent range and excellent efficiency.

WLTP Range* 227 miles
Real World Estimate 193 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 50 kWh


From £480.23 Per Month (inc. VAT)

From £400.19 Per Month (exc. VAT)

The Citroen e-SpaceTourer is a great choice for large or growing families interested in electric car leasing, or as a green executive people carrier for business use. With an emphasis on passenger space, the practical van-based e-SpaceTourer is available in two different lengths (M and XL) and can be fitted with up to nine seats. It’s one of only a very small number of large multi-seat EVs on the market right now.

WLTP Range* 148 miles
Real World Estimate 126 miles
Battery Size
Battery Size 50 kWh

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Citroen Electric Car Leasing FAQs


Why should I lease a Citroen electric car with GRIDSERVE?

Citroen is known for its unique and innovative designs, with their cars often featuring bold and eye-catching styling elements, setting them apart from other vehicles on the road. They also place a strong emphasis on comfort in their car models, prioritising smooth driving experiences by incorporating features like soft suspension systems and plush seating arrangements.

Experience a plethora of outstanding advantages when you choose GRIDSERVE Car Leasing. These include a comprehensive range of benefits such as the planting of 100 trees for every lease deal, three months of complimentary charging on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway, expert customer care, hassle-free delivery included in the price, and much more. By opting for the Net Zero Lease, you can also have peace of mind knowing that you're actively contributing to the preservation of our planet.

Where can I charge my Citroen electric car?

You can charge your new Citroen electric car at various GRIDSERVE electric vehicle charging locations. You can find the closest charging station to you at all times using our handy GRIDSERVE Electric Highway map, allowing you to effectively plan any journey.

How long is the Citroen leasing period for electric cars?

The leasing period for Citroen electric cars through GRIDSERVE can vary depending on the specific lease agreement that you have chosen. Leasing term options for Citroen models range from 24 to 48 months, so you can pick the option that will be best for you. Contact the friendly GRIDSERVE for more information on leasing terms if you have any further questions on the specifics.

How does the free charging for Citroen lease deals on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway work?

As part of the Citroen lease, GRIDSERVE provides three months of complimentary charging on the GRIDSERVE Electric Highway. This allows you to access our charging facilities without additional costs during the initial three months of your lease. Once the deal is signed and sealed, we will send you a contactless card that you can use to pay for any charging in this period. It couldn’t be easier.

Can I extend my Citroen electric lease beyond the initial leasing period?

As your Citroen lease term comes to a close, you have several options to consider after enjoying your years of motoring:

You can choose to return the vehicle as per the standard procedure. However, please note that any outstanding fees, such as excess mileage or damage charges, will need to be settled. It's important to keep in mind that while you are responsible for any significant damage to the vehicle, some wear and tear is expected considering the mileage covered. At the end of the contract, your car will be assessed for fair usage based on the guidelines set by the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association (BVRLA).

If you wish to continue driving the same car, you can discuss the possibility of a contract extension with us. This option allows you to extend your lease term for a specified period, providing continued access to the vehicle.

Alternatively, you can explore the option of leasing a different car. This allows you to select a new vehicle that better suits your current needs or preferences.

Detailed information about the end-of-contract requirements and procedures will be discussed with you during the application and sales process. Additionally, all necessary documentation will be provided in your documentation pack, which will be sent to you via post.